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One Little Word 2019

Every year I participate in One Little Word (OLW) and recently it’s required more thinking in order to pick just a single word. This year I had it pared down to the following: clear, plan, refocus, pause.

I wanted something that represents my wish to simplify things and really just strip away all the things I was holding onto that didn’t necessarily maximize my potential to do what I really wanted to do and was taking time away from me realizing some of my goals.

And then I was browsing quotes online, and found this (via Google Search):

And I thought that this fits where I am for 2019. Plans last year wavered and changed and I rolled with it. Goals were put on hold or completely put aside in order to accommodate other things that seemed like priorities and I was okay… for the record, I’m usually not really good with change but I think I’m mellowing out and getting better with it and like to think that I did well in 2018!!

But this year is all about taking time to refocus on what really matters and what I really want to do. Now what that all means, I’m still figuring out. But starting next week I’m definitely busier (hello, job #4 and hello full-time grad school!) so I think I will figure out what really takes top priority as well as what I really do and do not (and will and will not!) want to make time for.

But in short, it means less design team work and more time to catch up on my scrapbooking and build my business classes and kits. Less shopping/spending money and more savings. Less stuff and more travel/experiences.

Refocusing on staying on track both with planning and finances. Refocusing on family and friends. Refocusing myself on schoolwork (refocusing my kids on schoolwork too!). Refocusing on my husband and my marriage (no date night in…. 5-ish months = sad). Refocusing on myself and my spirituality.

Refiguring out what’s important and refocusing on that.

What’s your word for 2019?

lovies, =o) kel

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