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Luggage Tags Tutorial

here’s the tags i made for the kids school bags, lunch bags, sport bags, and water bottles this year.

1) take tags or images from toys, clothes, product packaging, anything that has their favorite character on it.

2) rub one corner of the tag between your fingers, or use your nail to try and separate the colored image layer of the tag from the backing or backside of the tag. the idea is to make the picture as thin as possible so it laminates better. thicker/bumpy tags = looser lamination with air pockets and faster separation/ruining of the tags.

3) if you’re like me, and didn’t get as thin of a layer as you wanted after peeling the tag apart, rub the backside of the image you’re using to try and get the middle layers of paper to roll up and peel off. this part took me a little while. peel off as much as you can without ripping through to the image.

4) trim down your image if needed (you can also do this before you peel)
5) adhere to cardstock and add names.

i used scrap cardstock and whatever letter stickers i could find in small-enough fonts to fit on the tags.

hope that helped, it was a really fun, easy, and cheap way to make my kids tags this year. definitely something i’ll be doing every year from now on!!

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