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One Little Word 2013



Every year I pick a word, and then a couple weeks (or days) in, I forget the word… and sometimes I even forget its significance, which is what picking the damn thing is all about right????

Yet I continued to try to find my word. I’ve done “control”, “motivation”, “focus”, “forward”… words that have pushed me to go on through my days, through my schooling, through my life… words that at the time, were what I was all about.

This year is QUITE different. I had a whole mess of words in my head but none of them felt right. I realized the problem was that I no longer need to be the get-up-and-go, always frazzled, uber-busy, type-A, multi-tasking, super-mom-wannabe that I was trying to be for the past 3 years. Not to say that I will stop being a uber-busy, type-A, multi-tasking, super-mom-wannabe any time soon!! haha!! But I definitely feel MUCH less stressed out and like I can finally…


And there it was.

Even just saying the word in my head slows me down and is like an instant de-stresser for me. So this year, life will be about being able to breathe, and my goals will be to enable myself to breathe more easily by:

– decluttering every part of my home
– learning to say “no” to things that don’t benefit me
– carving out at least an hour of time daily for exercise and meditation
– being hyper-organized so I can stop stressing out about due dates and not being able to find shit!!
– remembering that with 2 young boys, spontaneity in routine and life is a given.

I’d love to hear your word if you picked one this year.

no clue what i’m talking about? click here to find out what One Little Word is all about.

lovies, =o) kel

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