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love & scraps :)

3 more valentines cards today. I have this… COMPULSION to use up every single bit of DP that I start off with whether it be 6×6 or 12×12 or scraps, which is why I end up with so many of the same type of card.  And I do apologize to yall if you get bored seeing the same things… I know I get tired of making the same looking card or playing with the same color scheme until I’m totally finished with it! But it is so much easier for me to not only pare down my stash but stop adding to the neverending scrap pile.

Or should I say boxes. (The last 3 with the swatches are specific to one manufacturer’s cardstock since I almost exclusively use their CS)


I used to sort my scraps in hanging file folders by manufacturer/line, then by theme, and then by color… meaning that if it didn’t fit into a manufacturer’s file folder then it went to a theme, but if it didn’t have a theme then it just got sorted by color.  but once that started overflowing out of the plastic crates (yes, plural) they sat in, I ended up dumping each color into baggies and putting the baggies into priority boxes.  I still keep one crate for quick cleanup, with the scraps to be sorted later into their respective baggies.

But enough with the scraps… once I get my craft room back in full working order I will give a tour + what organization works for me.

Cards 31-33 were definitely fun to make.  These piggies are from one of my FAVE stamp lines, Rachelle Anne Miller for Stampavie.  I definitely did not do them justice though.  I think my piggy-pink pen has forgotten what color it’s supposed to be due to old age.


Riley definitely needs something and I know what I want… just to find it so I can call this card DONE.


This owl pair is from Kitty Bee Designs, which has quickly become one of my favorite stamp companies.  For the record, I’m not DT for this company and do not get compensated for blogging about it, but the owner is a friend of mine =o)


Big A turns 9 on Sunday so I’m offline for the rest of the weekend and working on his birthday dinner with family.  He decided to try a sleepover with a few good friends next weekend so I’ll do a big post about that later too.  Have a nice weekend and see you Monday (or Sunday night if I have the energy!)

lovies, =o) kel

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