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Inspiration Station Challenge #3

Hi all! It’s new challenge time over at Inspiration Station! Here’s the Inspiration Picture for Challenge #3:

And as always, feel free to use anything in the picture that inspires you!

I went with the purple and the floral for this one. I actually recently got this Orchid set from Avery Elle and thought it was so simple and pretty and unfortunately I needed to restock my stash of sympathy/supportive cards so turned it into this. The background is watercolored using Big A’s watercolor set from elementary school on watercolor paper. I also used my Crayola markers (the lightest grey I could find in my stash) to give the pot a little bit of a shadow as it sat on the floor.

Part of me thinks this needs a little bit more but then I remember it’s supposed to be simple and then I force myself to be okay with it lol! But this is my encouragement card to you, sending you virtual hugs and support knowing that there’s an end to all this madness!

Hope you come join us over at Inspiration Station! Can’t wait to see how this image inspires you.

Thanks for stopping by!

lovies, =o) kel

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