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2010.01.08 freeeeeeebies friday

so far so good!!!  i’m keeping up with my blog!!  haha.  i know it’s only been a week though, so i don’t have this blogging thing down as a habit quite yet, but i’m getting there!!

this week’s freebie is totally inspired by my Albert… his birthday is in a month, and we were talking today about what he wants to do and who he wants to invite.  of course, he’s been obsessed with Marvel since late last year, and now that I’ve remembered to DVR the Super Hero Squad Show on Cartoon Network, he’s completely obsessed all over again.

and he could probably tell you just about everyone in that poster.

but getting back to the freebie – i was searching online for ideas for a superhero birthday and found one at one of my favorite sites, Living Locurto.  Amy shares AWESOME ideas for a cape, mask, and invites… and a super cute batman cake but since we’re mostly anti-DC in this house, i’ll have to change the idea to something else!!

of course, what we end up doing is totally dependent on who we end up inviting… i don’t think many adults would be interested in creating their own cape and superhero mask!!

here’s the link to her post about the party: super hero party

and a direct link to the masks: .pdf file

but seriously, just browse Amy’s site and you’ll find TONS of cute ideas and awesome downloads!!  enjoy!!!


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