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HIMCR Crafty Spaces Blog Hop!

Welcome to Hiding in my Craft Room’s Crafty Spaces Bloghop!! Here’s some pictures of my space – we enclosed our 2 car garage… and by “enclose,” I literally mean CLOSED THE GARAGE DOOR. haha! You should have come here from Diana’s blog but fear not, the entire list is at the bottom of this post just in case you’ve gotten lost!!

We call this space “Mommy’s Craft Room” or “The Craft Room” but it really is a multi-purpose room – kids video game room + kid’s art room + holiday storage + office + sewing room + gift wrap center + business storage + craft room. (Did you know I run a non-demo retail business and a craft business?!? We’re working on the online site, hold on!!)It’s also the dumping ground for anything that doesn’t belong in the “house” but doesn’t quite belong outside… I guess because this isn’t formally closed off (the garage door can still open and close) we don’t consider it part of the main house.

There are so many more pictures I could share and so much more to the room but I wanted to share my main crafting space. And it’s about as clean as it ever will be and even cleaner than it usually is… I craft on the floor in kind of the middle of the room so I tend to make a mess of things pretty quickly. It hurts my back if I sit for too long but I love being able to spread out. (You can click any picture to enlarge it.)


  1. Wood Mounted Stamps (mainly SU, I also have drawers under my desk that house stamps)
  2. Cricut Station – I thought having it out and accessible would make it something I use more often. Having it out and accessible just makes it more dusty. lol.
  3. My main trimmer is a heavy duty one that is in need of a replacement. I hang it on Ikea Bygel hooks… behind it has some of my smaller trimmers on wire cube cubbies that hold boxes of polypropylene bags, seal top bags, paper sacks, buttons, and page protectors.
  4. Black Ikea boxes hold pictures waiting for forever homes, on top of that I have bins for cards I made and need to file away.


  1. Weird fact: I love ballpoint pens and wooden pencils. I have a basket full of them + journaling pens. I also have a small organizer bag that holds my Copic pens. I love that I can just pick up the bag by the handles and take it with me to wherever I’m coloring that night.
  2. These small shelves hold little boxes of embellishments. Still trying to figure out a better system than this but it works for me for now.
  3. New-to-me computer stolen from my kids – hey, they have laptops so no complaints! It beats the old, 2005 Macbook Pro with the cracked screen and non-functional #1 button that I have been using since… well, 2005. haha. Also notice the pink pet bed… The Princess will literally sit on the keyboard until I move her bed somewhere within finger’s reach of my computer. With the old Macbook Pro, she was on my left… but she’s even happier now that she is between me and the screen because I have no choice but to see her. And plus, it’s fun to swat at mommy’s fingers as she types.
  4. Binders full of important stuff for business and DT. I have a crafty calendar in front of the binders that tells me when I need to finish making stuff and when I need to blog it. Oh and chocolate-covered almonds. That’s theeee MOST important thing if you ask me.
  5. Clip-it-Up spinners. I was thinking of making it higher but being where they are now, it’d be too high to comfortably reach, and it would sit in front of the window and I worry about things fading. They hold stickers and more-or-less flat embellishments.
  6. Teeeeensy little drawer that holds my main inkpads – I’m not crazy about having every color inkpad; I’m just happy with black! I also have acrylic blocks, extra spools of ATG tape, and scrap pieces of white stamping cardstock.


  1. I think this was made to hold shoes… I put small office supplies (pens, index cards, post-its, business cards, invoice books, etc) in here.
  2. The garage door! I told you we literally just closed the door. We don’t have AC so the only thing I worry about is bugs… but DH put insulation moulding around the outside so they don’t bother me much anymore.
  3. My printer – it’s a color laser that I bought on clearance about 3 years ago and the only printer we use… and I only just changed the original toners this year. I taped on a picture Little A drew of our family.
  4. A rolling metal cart – blue basket holds new stuff/stuff I haven’t put away, next to it is the sewing machine. Lower shelves house paperwork and tax stuff.
  5. Paper folders & books – top shelf has specialty papers, bottom shelf has idea/inspiration books, forms and more paperwork stuff.



  1. Paper racks! I made them out of wire cubes and a LOT of zip-ties. All my paper is bagged because in Hawaii, we tend to have a salt/humidity problem and metal-anything tends to rust really, really quickly, even if it says it’s rust-resistant. I decided to leave it bagged because I don’t want to take any chances. Top row holds my personal paper stash. 2nd row houses boxes of scraps sorted by color/company/theme + business PP. 3rd & 4th rows house business cardstock and embellishments.
  2. Behind the door, I have plastic drawers that house gift-wrapping ribbons, office supplies and my knitting stuff.
  3. 1/2 bath – I’m fortunate to have a toilet + sink in here. And I can’t forget to mention my “wicked” sign. Once we rearrange and purge I plan on doing a not-super-scary Halloween theme in here year-round.
  4. Ribbons + embellishments + card kits live in the shoeboxes and crates on these shelves.
  5. These Sterilite containers (with the purple latch) hold business PP + business kits + business projects. I think I need to find more of these containers.


On the edge of the shelf, I have these bags hanging. This is how I organize myself – These bags generously hold 12×12 paper – I belonged to a kit club (which I hope to rejoin in the near future!) that mailed their kits in these thick, seal-top, handled bags. LOVE them. I use post-its (I LOVE post-its!) to write what is due when for what company/challenge/DT and then hang it by due date. This is what I’m currently working on. I love it because I can throw in full sheets of papers and images and embellishments and make little kits and hang it up out of the way but still totally in view – I pass it every time I walk to and from my desk.

Did you make it through the entire post? I’m surprised you stuck around with me! Thanks for visiting me and checking out my crafty space… We are in the midst of a huge house-wide purge and this room is next on the list. I plan to rearrange a different part of this space, which will affect a little bit of the area I showed you today… so when I finish – I can’t start until late September so hopefully I can finish mid-October – I can take pictures again and share the entire room! Hope you come back to visit!!

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lovies, =o) kel

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