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My name is Kelli.
Nice to meet you!
제 이름은 켈리 입니다.

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Not too early for Halloween, right?

Haha.  I’m totally working on Halloween stuff already and thought that she kinda matched it.  This is the “Good Girl” image from The Stamping Chef’s weekly progressive challenge over on Facebook.


Like I said, keeping it short and sweet with my postings.  I’m tired today as well… last night the dogs decided to chew through my brand new lemon tree seedling and I spent a good chunk of time last night trying to tape it back together and support it and google ways to keep this tree alive… and when I say brand new, I really do mean brand new… The boys and I bought it Saturday afternoon around 4pm, and I came home Sunday night at 10pm to find it had already been attacked.  Here’s to hoping we can save it.

lovies, =o) kel

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