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Craft Room Update

Hi all –  This week I’m sharing my crafting space over at Crafting with Dragonflies.   A little bit has changed since I last shared my space… and I have to confess.  It’s been MONTHS since we started moving things around and there is still a pretty sizeable pile of sCRAP that doesn’t have a home.

I am fortunate to have a dedicated craft space – we enclosed our 2 car garage, cleaned, repainted, and carpeted it to make it into a craft room/sewing room/holiday and misc storage/kids game room/business storage/romp room.  It is nice that I can walk away from this space when I am done and come back to it later.  It is in the far corner of the room so as long as I leave a pathway through the room, I can leave my space as messy as I want it to be… and it tends to stay messy.  I don’t have that clean gene that my mom has!!!  And to be honest, this room is RARELY clean.  It only really is presentable when we have parties or people over.

If you remember, this is what my space looked like after the first big change – my desk.  It has more stuff piled on it but is pretty much the same.


1 – pens, copics
2 – small embellishments, glitter, bling
3 – princess’ bed & new-to-me computer
4 – crafting calendar (DT work, classes, blog posting, orders due) + forms and paperwork
5 – 2 clip-it-ups with alpha stickers, themed stickers
6 – ink pads, acrylic blocks, 1/4-sheet white CS for stamping and coloring

This is the “before” looking from my desk towards the bathroom.

1 – PP, scraps, cardstock
2 – ribbon drawers – mostly big gift wrapping ribbons, and misc crafting stuff
3 – 1/2 bath
4 – unfinished card kits, misc. embellishments
5 – business PP, monthly kit clubs, misc. paper specific to certain projects

We moved some of the shelves to the closet to try and organize that space and condensed the shelves a bit to make a larger floor space, better for doing P90X and playing Kinect and whatnot lol!  There’s still a lot of stuff that needs homes – I guess that’s what happens when you take away storage space… there are things that no longer have homes!


This is the closet that some of the shelving moved into.  The before was a bunch of boxes and bins stacked on each other to the point that it was almost impossible to access a box on the bottom because it means having to move half the closet around to get to it.  The kids’ (and by ‘kids’ I also mean J!) video game stuff is all on this cart and in these drawers.  I also have a small collection of dvds that I enjoy watching while I work, although with Netflix built into the XBox, I watch less dvds and stream more stuff!!


The before of this corner was a folded-up treadmill that has since found a new home at xSIL’s house.  There is a lot of miscellaneous stuff here.  And it is another area that needs sorting and purging.


There’s still a bit more to share but I am embarassed enough showing you the messy work spaces… I am definitely scared to share my large pile of sCRAP!!!!  One of these days I will get through everything and be able to share a fully clean space.  I think.  haha!!  Thanks for stopping by!

lovies, =o) kel

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