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Meet Baby Z

This is Baby Z.10256219_10152684321623726_105959241650776376_n

His actual name is Alezender, pronounced like the normal Alexander without as hard of a X/K sound (like “alezander”).  But we like to call him Zen for short.  His name?  It came to me in a dream before he was even a possibility.

He was born on Tuesday, September 30th at 11:34pm, weighing in at 7-lbs 1-oz and measuring 20″ long.  I started having contractions around 1045am, labored at home until about 615pm, and then headed over to the hospital.  When I got settled in at around 7pm, I was 5cm dilated, 70% effaced and he was in the -2 position (still high up).  I took my epidural at 8pm, and a little after 11pm, my water broke and he dropped FAST.  The nurses called my doctor and he got there at 11:30pm.  While putting on his scrubs, Dr. started me pushing… 3 pushes and 4 minutes later baby was here!  haha.  Seriously the easiest labor and delivery EVER.  I’m so thankful and blessed he was such an easy birth.


HOWEVER, he was supposed to be my October baby!!!  And he couldn’t wait the measly 26 minutes to make it until midnight… haha.  Oh well, he’s here and he’s healthy and that’s all that matters!!

Daddy J is very happy.


Baby Z is such an easy baby… I know he’s only been around for 4 days now but so far I am going to jinx it and say taking care of him is a breeze!!!

I’m super happy too.


His brothers are SO proud and SO happy to finally have him with us.  Big A repeatedly tells me that he can’t believe it, that he thinks this is a dream.  Little A’s face just lights up when he sees or spends time with Baby Z… although you couldn’t tell from the picture.  SOMEONE was too preoccupied with his iPod.


Thanks for stopping by to meet Baby Z.  I’m still working on catching up on crafting and blogging but someone else takes more priority!! haha.  The kids are on Fall Break next week and J is on vacation so I’m hoping to be able to get all caught up on housework and crafts… sometimes I forget that I just had a baby and am supposed to be resting.  I already got scolded for doing 3 loads of laundry after getting home from the hospital on Thursday (although I did one load Friday too haha shhhhhhh!).  I didn’t nest as hard at the end of my pregnancy like I did with Little A, and I think I’m going through my nesting phase now!  But I promise to take time to relax and just enjoy him!!


lovies, =o) kel

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