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Halloween (not too late!)

Last year I got to participate in so many progressive challenges… and then I got sick.  haha.  A bunch of them arenʻt around anymore but I ʻfoundʻ this one again at ChiChi Memories with one big change… itʻs a limited freebie, meaning only the first so many (50 in this case) people to download get it for free.  Luckily they allow you to play along their challenge with any image but give you bonus for using a CCM digi.

I was way too late for Octoberʻs freebie but still wanted to participate in their October challenge.  I got this dude, ʻHalloweenʻ last year during one of their monthly challenges and decided to use him.  Yes, I know itʻs a bit late for Halloween projects, but hey, if people can do Christmas after Christmas is over, why not Halloween?  haha.  If anything I’ll just be more prepared for next year.  =o)

This month was a sketch challenge, hereʻs the sketch:

Lynda Sketch_(October 2014)

and hereʻs my take on it.


Iʻve been LOVING sketches recently – I have very limited blocks of crafting time with Baby Z so I had to find a new system that works for me.  I canʻt just sit for hours and craft at whim anymore!  I found that with a baby in one arm, I can sit down with a list of projects to make and print images for them/pull stamps.  I can even  match them up with sketches and make kits by matching the images with paper + cardstock and put them aside in little baggies.  The planning part takes a bit of time but I like that I can do it away from the craft room in spurts with a baby in one arm!!  Then when I get bigger blocks of time without Baby Z, I sit down and craft… and I found that I can even do it with him laying across my lap during those times he just doesn’t want to be put down.  I am a total busybody and need to be constantly doing something so I feel like it makes me much more efficient, and every bit helps with 3 kiddos underfoot!!

lovies, =o) kel

Iʻm also linking up to the following:
CCM October Challenge
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