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Happy Earth Day!

(okay, so the blog’s not exactly fixed.  but i couldn’t stay away from y’all too long!!)

Albert came home last week and told me “mommy, we need to SAVE the WORLD!”  i thought it was his way of telling me to play Superhero Squad with him, but it turns out that they were learning about the earth and conservation and the “good” stuff at school.  so i told him that one way we could do that is to start an edible garden, but that he would need to help me maintain it.  i know i’m late and all but this is really the first time i’m following through with this “edible garden” idea… last time we tried to container garden we ended up planting the entire packet of sweet basil seeds that ended up with us having 40-odd beautiful sweet basil plants.  safe to say, we killed about 20 of those beautiful sweet basil plants that year because we just didn’t know what to do with them and ran out of people to give them away to.

anywhoo, in honor of Mama Earth, we will be starting a few seeds (note i said a FEW… not making the same mistake as last time!) when Albert gets home from school.  on our list:

green onion (source)

bell peppers (source)

hawaiian chili pepper (source)

and after i get Albert from school we’ll head out to pick up a few more seeds at Koolau Farmers  (down the street).  hopefully i’ll be able to ask a few questions too!!  and then when jared gets home from work we’ll all be out in the yard starting our new seeds and pruning these:

strawberries (source)

cilantro (source)

what are you doing for earth day?

lovies, =o) kel

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