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2015 Goals + OLW + 100 Cards Challenge

I have officially written off last year as a baby break.  haha.  Lordy knows I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped.  But here we are on the 1st day of 2015 and I am so happy to be back and beyond excited to start fresh!!

First off, my One Little Word for 2015 is… 

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I have anxiety problems and a slight case of agoraphobia (scared to leave the house)… I want to volunteer more at my kids school and do things without needing my mom or husband to accompany me but I’m always scared to go alone.  So this year, my word is “GO” as in ‘just suck it up and GO.’  Another side to my word has to do with my crafty/business/fitness goals – I want to always be green-light GO and just do it!!  Keep moving forward and keep plugging away!!!

Now onto my goals… they’re pretty much the same as last year.  We’ll consider my baby break year as a good planning year.  haha.

Crafty Goals:
–  52 layouts (one layout per week!)

–  300 cards which includes: 
–  60 Christmas cards
–  Participate in Project Life – try to do a layout a week.  or a couple layouts a month.

–  Print pictures monthly.  

Personal/Blog Challenges:
100 cards for 100×100 challenge
–  do it 2x this year.  January 1 – April 10 and August 1 – November 8

My rules for the 100×100:
–  I will not buy anything to make these cards.  Don’t get me wrong, I will buy stuff, but nothing specifically to make a card for this challenge.

–  I will pull scraps before pulling full sheets of paper (PP or CS).
–  When I ink up stamps, I will look for stamps I’ve never inked before going to my favorites.
–  I will try to use sketches for all my cards.
–  I will try to enter every card into at least one challenge.
–  I will try to post one card every day except on DT reveal days (unless it counts towards my goal!).
–  ONLY new, individual cards count towards goal, DT cards included. When I say “new, individual,” I mean duplicates don’t count.

“What It’s Worth” Card Challenge – Make at least as many cards as a stamp/set is worth in dollars (rounding up to the next dollar).  Each individual card counts as $1.  So if I buy a stamp for $4, I need to make 4 different cards with it.  If I buy a stamp set for $20, I need to make 20 cards, trying as hard as I can to use each stamp in the set evenly.  I looked at the stamp sets I have and there are some that will make it hard to use every single stamp evenly… but I will try!  The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards.  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects.

Christmas Card Sunday – On Sundays, I’m hoping to post a new/different Christmas card. The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards!  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects – I can buy Christmas stuff for a scrapbook layout or mini album and whatnot but I can’t buy something specifically to make a card for Christmas Card Sunday!

Business Goals:
–  launch and maintain Etsy store
–  launch and maintain retail store
–  participate in craft fairs regularly
–  go back to teaching papercrafting classes
–  be able to take over one monthly bill using business money

Home Goals:
–  clean and purge until there’s more storage than stuff – downsize craft stash.

–  restart garden and grow things!
–  cook 5x a week
–  bake 2x a week
–  bake bread at least 1x a week

Personal Goals:
–  work on my fitness!  Get in shape.  Be able to run with my kids.
–  lose 60 lbs.  SERIOUSLY.  I think of it as 20lbs per kid.  haha.
–  journal daily (or almost daily!)

–  read a book every week
–  spend time with friends/extended family at least 1x a month.
–  finish my degree!!

Financial Goals:
–  put money aside every month according to budget plan
–  start saving up for snow trip
–  start saving up for house (DH and I decided we want to try and buy a home of our own in the next 5 years!)

Phew that’s a lot of things to do but I think it covers just about all aspects of my life. And of course, things change but hopefully not as drastically as last year and I can stay on track!  Happy New Year everyone!!  Let’s GO together!!!

lovies, =o) kel

3 comments to 2015 Goals + OLW + 100 Cards Challenge

  • Shelly Schmidt

    Kel- you are going to be one busy craftin girl! And I look forward to the inspiration- I have a scrapbook I need to get going on…..2 trips to China… will be looking for inspiration!

  • What inspiring goals! I know you can do it. Look forward to following your blog as you continue to pursue them.

  • Marcy

    Great goals Kel! I have been working hard on my list too! Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Happy New Year 2015! May this year bring you lots of love, joy and many blessings! Hugs, Marcy

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