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let me just preface this by saying that I LOVE TO SHOP FOR THINGS I AM EXCITED ABOUT. and when there is no one there to control my impulses (aka Jared), i buy not what i think i need, but what i think i might need. understand the difference?  haha.  plus, i forgot my list at home.  so i had to go by memory and i couldn’t really discern between our “must haves”, “wants”, and “if we have room/time”.  next time J really should come with me and remind me to bring the list.

we walked out of Koolau Farmers with a handful of seeds and a couple starter plants.  here’s the quick list of starters:

thai basil (J said he doesn’t know what he will do with it but he wanted to try it out!),

sweet basil (again, J wanted it and i refused to repeat the sweet basil fiasco so didn’t buy any seeds),

roma tomato (recommended by the worker dude because it’s thicker-skinned, less seeds, and good for slicing… but these are determinate tomatoes and will ripen all at once and then be done.  so NOT what i wanted.  if only i had remembered the damn list.),

spearmint (recommended by the school-teacher volunteer who heard me asking about raised beds and what kind of soil we have in kaneohe… she said it makes good tea so i’m kinda excited to try it out!),

sweet potato – hawaiian variety called “kaneohe maoli” (we were about to leave the nursery part when i saw these and didn’t really know what they were but thought it would be fun to try one!  and the leaves are so pretty and purple!)

and 2 purple flowers the boys picked out.  they actually picked out the purple sweet potato too so i guess that means the color of the day was purple!!!


we sowed our seeds as well, so i will check back in to update you on their growth.  hello my pink zucchini seeds!

we ended up with 8 different types – i brought home buttercrunch lettuce, sweet (maui) onion, zucchini, japanese cucumber and edamame (soybean), and we had koba green onion, kaala bell pepper and hawaiian chili pepper from the arboretum plant sale at the beginning of april.  split that into the tray of 72 jiffy seed starters and we’ll have a lot of nice plants to raise and a handful of extras for family and friends!!

and the boys had a TON of fun planting those seeds…

until Albert got both his hands all dirty…

which is bad because then mommy won’t let you touch the lollipop in your mouth.  and even worse when your solution is to wipe the dirt off on your pants.  but hey, at least you get to touch your lollipop again.

Amare is proving to be more of a rough and tumble boy with his fascination of dirt on his hands…

i absolutely LOVE it all.  a couple things have sprouted and moved outside into big boy pots, and i can’t wait to see what else grows and trying my best to be patient for J to green-light installation/prep of our raised beds.  we also picked up our worm factory + worms yesterday and set them up… and by the night they were settled in and eating.  awesome!

i know i’m short on crafty goodness but i promise i’ll have lots to share soon!!  gotta have something to do while i wait for these little ones to sprout!!

lovies, =o) kel

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