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Red String w/SSz


I’m here today with another post for Star Stampz!   This is “Red String” and she can be found in the Star Stampz Etsy Store.

Do you know the significance of the red string/red string of fate in East Asian culture??  Well here’s your lesson!!  haha.

The kami (gods) are said to tie an invisible red string of fate (or marriage) around the pinkies (or ankles) of two people who are destined to meet and help each other in one way or another.  It’s typically romanticized to mean destined souls or lovers… like soul mates.  The folklore usually has a boy who is mean to a girl and then ends up marrying her.  The belief also comes from Chinese culture, but in Chinese culture, the string is typically tied around the ankle… this cutie has her red string around her pinky, so that means it’s Japanese.

When I saw the name of this digi and saw the digi itself, I KNEW I wanted to play with it.  It’s such a romantic thing in a lot of anime/manga/fanfiction for two people to be destined soul mates and bound by the red string of fate and I’m definitely a sucker for it!!!  Look at my inner Otaku coming out!! hehehe!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!  See you again soon, friends!!

lovies, =o) kel

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