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((part 1)) last weekend…

… we drove to the north shore/kahuku via la`ie for a fun weekend vacay.  this is Chinaman’s Hat.  and some fishermen.

we drove for about 45 minutes past shoreline like these:

when we checked into our villa, the first thing we did was go out the lanai (patio) and check out the beach, which was right over the wall of our “backyard”.

the hubs wanted to check out the rocks and scope out some potential late-night fishing spots.

Albert and i got tired of navigating the rocks and decided to look for creatures on the shoreline.  he asked if he could walk in the water and i said “sure”

and in hindsight, i should have expected that he would walk IN the water.

and if you’ve ever walked in water with slippers (flip-flops) you know that it’s probable that you’ll lose one of them.

and quite possibly my favorite pictures from the whole weekend.

back tomorrow with the rest of the pictures!

lovies, =o) kel

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