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((part 2)) last weekend…

… we spent hours prepping and setting up her reception tent.  after we spent a couple hours getting her favors done we carpooled to the site and spent another 3-ish hours getting the tables/tent set up.

and then i watched my cousin/best friend get married.

the boys were her ring bearers.

she actually only wanted Albert, but i told her she should’ve known better, as illustrated by the following picture of Albert and his shadow, more commonly known as Amare.

the beach was right off the ceremony site so of course, the boys had to go play in the sand.  if they weren’t wearing shoes, they probably would’ve been in the water.

Albert was joined by the groom’s nephew.  they’d met once before and have a TON of fun together.  (Albert is the short one on the right if you didn’t know)

and then we got to drink and watch the sun set.  and then drink some more.

the hubs and i had a blast.  and we definitely want to go back… maybe one day just the two of us.  and next time, hopefully without the farmer’s tan.

took me a couple days to get back into a home routine, even without the excuse of jet lag.  haha.  spent the weekend tidying up and crafting, always a good thing.  i hope you have a good start to your week!!  it’s the last FULL week of school for Albert.  then he’ll be home for a couple weeks and then off to summer school half-day.  love it!

lovies, =o) kel

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