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2016 Favorite Cards of the Year + OLW 2017

This is so overdue since it’s almost the end of January… yikes!  Time sure does fly!!  I’m still working on my 2016 goals… waiting to hear details on a job offer I got last week to try and plan my goals out.  Gotta be realistic about my time with the prospect of a full time job on top of my current responsibilities, the most important/priority being school, kids, home, family, friends, crafting, and business!

First my One Little Word… last year, my word was PASSION.  I had spread myself too thin and wanted to refocus on the things that stoked PASSION in me, and things that I was PASSIONATE about.  And I think that over the course of the year, I managed to do at least a little of what I intended to do!  But I definitely burned out towards the end of the year, and the sparse blog posts can attest to that!!

The start of this year brought about some really big changes and they’re all amazingly good things.  Different, but still good!  So with that in mind, and how I want to keep moving forward… onward and upward… my word for 2017 is HUSTLE.  

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Gotta work hard to get what I want but gotta remember to stay humble.  I think everyone has an ideal of who they want to be and what they wanna look like, so this year is all about the HUSTLE to get there and get to that ideal.

And now onto my 2016 year in review.  Here are my favorites from 2016… it was REALLY hard to choose just one!!!

January: Book Lover

February: Panda Balloon

March: Goldfish

April: Thanks Squares

May: Uncommon Friendship

June: DIY Coloring 

July: Baby Elephant

August: Love You

September: Princess

October: Wheelie Fun

November: Clearing Leaves

December: Ugg Leah

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