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Congrats w/CCS

I’m blogging over at the CutCardstock blog today! First off, let me apologize so greatly for the pictures! I’m experimenting with my camera rig and this is definitely NOT a winner. Oh well, live and learn!! I promise I’ll figure it out for next time!

This was a really simple card to make but it looks so pretty because of the shimmery paper! Today’s card is made using some gold Stardream Metallic 65# cardstock and a couple pieces of Basis white 80# cardstock. So easy to put together!! I started by cutting my sheet of gold Stardream Metallic 65# cardstock in half to make a top-folding card.

I knew I wanted to put a piece of white cardstock inside the card to make it easier to write on – not every pen takes nicely to shimmery paper so I wanted to make it easier for whoever got this card to write inside!!

Then I took some matching yellow ink and a pretty circle stamp set and just stamped over the bottom of the card, making sure to go off the edges a little bit.

Then I took my sentiment and stamped it in a nice, bold black just above the circles.

The last thing I added was some matching black and white baker’s twine to the top of the card…

… and then finished it off with a nice bow before sticking the white cardstock piece to the card front.

And this is another view of the card, trying to show off the shimmer. So pretty, and such a simple thing to put together!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Make sure to stay up to date with the latest news and sales on the CutCardstock Facebook Page!!

lovies, =o) kel


lovies, =o) kel

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