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baby steps


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there is a complete and total lack of craftiness on this blog and i do apologize…  and yes, that is a random picture from the internets… sadly i am so unorganized with my pictures (and still haven’t gotten the old external fixed/salvaged) i can’t find any of my own kiddos’ first steps… =o(

i took a long and difficult look at myself to see where i felt i was losing myself (as i often do!) and i realized that all this energy i’m pouring into being a straight-A college student and trying to be a super-mom (with the super-hero weakness of the inability to clean!), i left no “me” time, no crafting time for myself.  so for right now it’s about the baby steps… work on one little thing at a time when i can and it’ll eventually come together!  so to start, i’ve been coloring images like a mad-woman with the intention of making them into cards… gotta use up some of those card kits somehow!!  and i actually found time to scrapbook!

be back soon (i promise!!!) with those scrapbook pages… notice i said pageSSSSS!!!  whoo-hoo!!  baby steps…

lovies, =o) kel

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