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My name is Kelli.
Nice to meet you!
제 이름은 켈리 입니다.

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About kel

My name is Kelli, but I tend to go by “kel”. It’s simpler, faster, no one will spell it wrong (Kellie, Kelly), and I don’t have to hit the “shift” button to capitalize my own name. haha!

I am 34 years old, happily married to a wonderful husband (whom I lovingly refer to as J on this blog), and mama to 5 kiddos. On my blog, they are:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.38.30 AML -> R: Little A (9), Big A (13), Baby Z (2)

Peace (4)


Star Fox aka Fat boy, 둥둥, or simply just “Star” (2 months younger than Peace)


I think only the first three carry any kind of family resemblance.

I am a scrapbooker at heart but I also dabble in rubberstamping/cardmaking, knitting, sewing… and eventually, crocheting because I can’t get myself to get rid of my grandmother’s crocheting yarns. I am also a non-traditional college student finishing my BA in History (US History), and then hopefully a Masters in History and Asian Studies and beyond… We’ll see what happens when we get there.

Outside of crafts, I love:

  • hip hop music, clothes, art – the culture in general,
  • neo-soul, jazz, 90’s r&b, dance/club/booty-shaking music,
  • korean culture, music, variety shows and some dramas/movies,
  • japanese culture, music and anime,
  • new age spirituality and my Wiccan religion,
  • the color green… but I have taste!!! just because its green doesn’t mean it’s NOT super fugs!!!

And while cussing is prevalent in my everyday vocabulary I promise to try to keep it somewhat clean, but sometimes you need the effin emphasis. Hopefully you can get to know me through this blog but if you have any questions let me know =o)


I participate in affiliate programs for Blitsy, Swagbucks and more. I receive a commission or credit (points or monetary value) when products are purchased or accounts are created through links placed on my blog.  These don’t cost you anything, I promise!!  If not listed here, I will mention within the post or above (or sometimes below!) the link/badge that it is an affiliate link.

All opinions are my own and I do not blog about products I do not personally like or recommend.  Aside from my own businesses, the Scraps & photoGRAFFS retail store (coming soon) or the Scraps & photoGRAFFS Etsy store, I am not employed by any company that I talk about.

I do receive free products from the Design Teams I am on or from sponsors of the Design Teams I am on but again, all opinions are on my own and I will not promote products I do not personally like just because I am paid to do so (which hasn’t happened so far!).  A full list of my Design Teams can be found at the ‘Resume and Winners Badges’ tab above or by clicking here.