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i {heart}… clouds

this week has been about clouds for some not-so-odd reason. i have a fascination with clouds, especially their texture.

it’s been on and off chilly here (relatively speaking, of course!) so this definitely looks super delish…

and when we renovate, i’m definitely putting in a photography studio… or at least a wall […]

i {heart}… the garden

my mind is swimming with the veggies i want to grow and i am adding to my list of plants to pick up from the plant sale next weekend…

(Lyon Arboretum’s plant sale at the Blaisdell on Sat 4/2)

but this weekend’s i {heart} is all about the […]

i {heart} music – vinyl edition

one day, in my future dreamily renovated home, i will finally have my music studio:

and i would love to dedicate a wall to one simple, GINORMOUS sticker of this:

and in this room, i hope to find this:

and if these worked […]