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OLW 2021 + Goals

I know I posted yesterday with a card to share but I wanted to come back and update my 2021 goals since that’s how I usually start blogging the year!

My word for 2020 was simplify. Simplify things so that I could keep running full steam without burning out. Simplify my routines, purge […]

2020 Goals

My One Little Word for 2019 was refocus. I had so much going on that I needed to pare things down to what was realistically do-able and refocus on myself, my family, and my goals. And then 2019 disappeared in a blink and I was stuck trying to figure out my OLW for 2020. […]

One Little Word 2019

Every year I participate in One Little Word (OLW) and recently it’s required more thinking in order to pick just a single word. This year I had it pared down to the following: clear, plan, refocus, pause.

I wanted something that represents my wish to simplify things and really just strip away all […]

2016 Favorite Cards of the Year + OLW 2017

This is so overdue since it’s almost the end of January… yikes! Time sure does fly!! I’m still working on my 2016 goals… waiting to hear details on a job offer I got last week to try and plan my goals out. Gotta be realistic about my time with the prospect of a full time […]

2016 Goals

My One Little Word for 2015 was GO… and I did. In fact, I think I went a little too hard and exhausted myself at the end of the year – I wouldn’t call it a burnout, because it’s not quite that bad. I’m just tired. Not burntout. So reflecting on that and how […]

2015 Goals + OLW + 100 Cards Challenge

I have officially written off last year as a baby break. haha. Lordy knows I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped. But here we are on the 1st day of 2015 and I am so happy to be back and beyond excited to start fresh!!

First off, my One Little Word […]

One Little Word 2013


Every year I pick a word, and then a couple weeks (or days) in, I forget the word… and sometimes I even forget its significance, which is what picking the damn thing is all about right????

Yet I continued to try to find my word. I’ve done “control”, “motivation”, “focus”, “forward”… words […]

2010 One Little Word + goals

at the beginning of every year, Ali Edwards prompts us to choose one little word that defines our goals for the new year. i have mentally played along in the past but having never written anything down, and having never been able to keep up with new year’s resolutions, i can’t tell you what words […]