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제 이름은 켈리 입니다.

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((part 2)) last weekend…

… we spent hours prepping and setting up her reception tent. after we spent a couple hours getting her favors done we carpooled to the site and spent another 3-ish hours getting the tables/tent set up.

and then i watched my cousin/best friend get married.


((part 1)) last weekend…

… we drove to the north shore/kahuku via la`ie for a fun weekend vacay. this is Chinaman’s Hat. and some fishermen.

we drove for about 45 minutes past shoreline like these:

when we checked into our villa, […]

working on it…

tons of pictures to finish going through but wanted to leave you with this beautiful shot i took on vacay. and yes, that’s amare on the right side. will be back tomorrow after we give blood!! =o)

(click picture to see it larger)

lovies, =o) kel


rain, rain, go away…

but in the mean time, thanks for the beautiful lighting and for giving me 10-minute periods of no rain to run the kiddos outside and take some shots. and most importantly, thanks for letting me play with my dream of going pro. =o)

lovies, =o) kel