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what is going on?!?

Jared’s computer decided to die on me three weeks ago, and that’s the computer I do all my photo editing, storage, and organization on so i’ve been kinda lost. We took it in for repairs because we couldn’t turn it on, got it back a week and a half later, couldn’t get […]

lessons learned

it has been a while since i’ve posted with good reason, although to me, there really is no good reason to go missing from a blog that you love so much.

i found out that i have lurkers {HI LURKERS! =o)} which is fine and dandy… i tend to be a lurker myself. and it […]

{no subject}

nothing really to share but wanted to share something. so enjoy! and still trying to figure out how to embed video in posts. not working for me yet. ETA 8/15: figured it out!

lovies, =o) kel


wow i’m MIA

sorry!! it’s been a crazy couple weeks here with filling orders + the pond excavation outside + purging, reorganizing and cleaning the bedroom and the craft room + getting the kids to their summer classes. somehow my mind went into vacation mode and refuses to get back to work!

i did manage to place an […]


sooooo…. J finally started updating my blog (when nagging fails, silent treatment does WONDERS!) and until he gets everything figured out i will leave this apology and cute picture of my princess…

hope you’re having a great week!!

lovies =o) kel


hoppy easter!!

full post to come later as we have YET to do the traditional egg-coloring and our new tradition of flashlight egg hunting in our yard. so in the meantime, i share this little ditty my dear, dear husband left for me on my desktop. apparently it’s how easter eggs are made.

lovies, =o) kel


baby steps

so… i’ve said before that i wanted to update a blog regularly and yadda-yadda-yadda… and look where it’s gotten me so far!! ha!! so no more promises this time. just me being here and blogging when i can.

be back soon with some fun stuff. almost done making my pictures pretty with some photoshop.


2010 One Little Word + goals

at the beginning of every year, Ali Edwards prompts us to choose one little word that defines our goals for the new year. i have mentally played along in the past but having never written anything down, and having never been able to keep up with new year’s resolutions, i can’t tell you what words […]

so bad at this!

i know, i know, it’s been over a month and despite all my intentions, i am SOOO BAD at blogging on a regular basis!! been busy getting things ready for christmas though… i am trying my hardest to make it a handmade christmas… but because i decided (and consequently, started) so late, there’s no way […]

zoo day

sorry i haven’t been around much but i wanted to share some pictures from our day at the zoo on wednesday. BIL invited us to join him and his 2 kiddos and of course, my 2 kiddos couldn’t resist it because A) it’s the zoo, and B) it’s time with cousins. 3 weeks of pneumonia […]