2×5 Collection Kit Challenge


It’s time for a new fortnightly challenge over at My Time To Craft Christmas! This is challenge #75 and the theme is Begins with “s”. And as usual, I’m counting this towards my own 2023 Christmas Card Challenge goal.

Can you tell what my “S” items are?? Santa, Stamp, Special Delivery, Scallops, Stripes, Stickers. I think I covered my bases pretty well lol!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you come join us at MTTCC!

lovies, =o) kel

Feb ’23 2×5 Final Progress Post

Final progress post: cards, tags, pocket cards. If you’re wondering what the challenge is, here’s the intro post for this month, here’s progress post #1 (2-pg layouts), and here’s progress post #2 (1-pg layouts).

The cards:

The tags:

The pocket cards:

I was so scared of not having enough supplies with just a paper pack + sticker sheet + ephemera pack but I have tons of paper + scraps left to play with and didn’t use as much cardstock as I thought I would. Will provide an actual count next time!

Time consuming? Yes. But not nearly as bad as I thought. The hardest part is getting the pictures for the layouts and figuring those out. Definitely excited to do more of this challenge though!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I can knock out another 2×5 challenge again soon!

lovies, =o) kel

February 2×5 Challenge

How it works: Each month-ish I pick a collection kit + whatever coordinating embellishments I can find + coordinating cardstock and try to make 2 each of 5 different projects:

  • 2-page layouts
  • 1-page layouts
  • cards
  • tags
  • pocket cards

If I can’t get through one a month it’s okay! I’ll just try and find the time to do it when I can. But I am going to try to push myself to work through the million-and-a-half kits I’ve hoarded over the years! And if I don’t use every single sheet of paper down to scraps that’s okay too. The point is to just start using stuff up!! Every little effort helps.

In honor of the kitties I’m going to kick this whole thing off with Whiskers by PhotoPlay. I’ll be using the collection kit + ephemera pack + coordinating 12×12 cardstocks. I’m also planning to dig out some coordinating epoxy dots, gems, twine/ribbon, stamps… whatever I have on hand that works with this.

Hoping to be able to space out the projects I come up with instead of doing one massive end-of-the-month (or end-of-the-project) post but we’ll see how it goes!

lovies, =o) kel