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totally non-productive, buuuuuuuut….

just had to share… what can i say… i’m OBSESSED.  i am sooooo into Big Bang (a korean pop group) and i know i sound like a total teenager but T.O.P is sooooooooooooo YUM!!!!  he’s the guy that raps and he has a low scratchy voice.  makes me wonder what would have happened if i took that offer to go to japan back in the day… not many people know this, but i was offered an almost guaranteed spot in a somewhat-established  j-pop girl group back in 99… all i really had to do was go through the auditions, and when i say go through i mean go through the motions… i turned it down because it would have meant me moving to japan for a minimum of 1 year and i had just met J and i couldn’t leave him!!!  not to mention i was still in high school.  no regrets though, just a few “what if’s”…  

but getting back into music and forcing me to think about that decision i made has made me think about a lot more things.  growing up, i always wanted to sing (and then rap)… but never as a true career thing.  dunno if its because i was raised that you had to go to college to get yourself a career or if its because i just never wanted to be popular… i mean yeah, i would like to be recognized and respected but don’t get that confused with being popular… anywhoo, it made me realize that music is still a big thing on my list of things to do/be and so i will be diving back into it as soon as i’m done swapping!!  haha.  that’s another part of the reason i’m slowing down on swaps.  loved doing it but for the most part, i’m over it.  onto different things. 

but anywhoo, here’s to Big Bang, wonderful k-pop (that’s more hip hop than pop), people who are wonderful enough to translate and subtitle for those of us who are NOT multi-lingual, and yummy T.O.P. 🙂  


— Big Bang – Goodbye Baby.  T.O.P. is the first guy who raps and who also picks the fight… it’s an older vid (2-ish years) but i like the dancing 🙂


— Big Bang – Last Farewell.  T.O.P. is the dude with the dude in the car.


— Big Bang feat. 2NE1 – Lollipop.  the girl group’s name is pronounced “21”  T.O.P. is the first one to rap/sing.  


i know, i know… sooooooooooooo high school.  but he is GORGEOUS.  haha.  ttyl 🙂

lovies, =o) kel

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