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Welcome to the Family

It started with a vet appointment…

While we were waiting for the vet to write up a estimate for her dental cleaning, I browsed FB on my phone and came across this post…


After showing J, I called my mom to tell her we were going to check it out.  Surprise surprise (completely, unexpectedly surprised, actually) my mom said she had already gone but didn’t see anyone… but we could go check it out.  I told her we’d get two if we found two, she said we kinda had to.  One would be lonely in our big yard, and puppies were preferable.  We picked up the boys right after the appointment and headed into town.  On the way over, we told the boys that there were simple rules we had to follow.

1) We were looking for two dogs, but we didn’t HAVE to get two dogs just because there were dogs there to adopt.  We didn’t have to get one dog either.

2) We COULDN’T get small dogs. For their safety, being strictly outdoors, small dogs would get lost in our yard. (plus, Mommy doesn’t like small dogs… 짜증나!)

3) They were family dogs, which meant that: a) they had to get along with each other, and b) they had to get along with ALL of us.

Right away I put our name on the list and added the two puppies we saw + 4 big dogs from the kennels that were all around a year old.  Little A cried because he wanted one of the puppies but we were going to see the big dogs first.  I really wanted big dogs, but the ones we tried to get acquainted with were a little too much… they would have eventually been fine, but the kids were huddled together on the bench, hugging their knees the entire time.  And there’s no point in getting dogs if the kids are afraid of them or won’t interact with them.

So we saw the puppies.  There were tons of people crowded around their cages, as you would expect there to be.  J fell in love with this girl…


and this is the puppy Little A cried over…


They were perfect fits for our little family.  I went to the desk and told them we’d take them both… and in good time too.  As I was filling out the licensing paperwork, two families asked to see Little A’s puppy, and the lady helping us said that he’d been adopted already.  The kids handed over the money, buying their own dogs…


And we brought them home.  So I introduce our newest family members…

Peace, named by Big A. She is 4 mos old and a pit mix. Super chill, very protective of mommy and completely adorable.  She definitely has some abandonment issues and always double checks with you to make sure she’s not stepping out of line.  But she is gentle and precious and completely adorable.  The Humane Society said she was a stray, found along Kam Hwy in Pearl City in poor condition, which you can tell by her very visible ribs and healing body sores.  She will be HUGE… already 23 lbs… but still loves to curl up in your lap if you’ll let her.  I think she’s always been big so always needed to act older than she is and never got to really be a puppy… so I want to make sure that she lets go of her fears and enjoys being a puppy.  Because of that, J thinks I spoil her.  I asked him why he was surprised. haha.

2013-01-09 Puppies - 3216

I also introduce the puppy Little A cried over!! His full name is Star Fox, given by Amare, but we like to call him Star for short. He is a 3 month old terrier mix and about 1/3 the size of Peace… literally.  He’s 8 lbs to her 23.  J think he pulls a little pit as well.  He is definitely a scaredy cat who likes to bark from the safety of mommy’s lap but absolutely loves to play!  He cries (loudly!!) for attention and likes to bark and nip at his sister but then runs away under my legs or into my lap.  haha.  This is the first male animal I’ve EVER owned… 3 previous dogs and 3 cats have all been girls.  But he is CUTE.  I think he’ll still be a big boy, the Humane Society said he’ll probably be 30-40 lbs.
2013-01-09 Puppies - 3219

It’s been exhausting.  I haven’t been able to do anything… I haven’t had time to sit down and create either.  I still have my checklist of things to do before Disney and felt like I had enough time to get everything done without stressing, but now that I’ve lost 2 days the stress is back!  Off to get… something… done.

lovies, =o) kel

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