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Easter Treats (& a DT application)

I found a new DT call (and you all know that one of my 2013 goals was to make a DT) that sounded super fun because it’s SUPER different from most other challenge blogs.  That’s what preempted this post.  I usually do this kind of stuff with/for the kids but never remember to post about it because it’s usually so last minute.  But this time I have reason to do it… so hey, Our Crafty Girls, here’s my post!!

Last week I was looking for something to do for Easter treats… I always go for the crafty as long as it is cheap and easy.  Making 60 treats every occasion can add up, you know!!  I browsed pinterest for too many hours (getting sidetracked by other things, of course!) and ended up finding this project that looked easy enough for Big A to help with… and he loved it.  It’s nothing new but something I forgot about until I saw it again.



We ended up using popcorn and mixing in some dried blueberries and plain m&m’s because we had it all on hand.  And they’re not giving their stuff out until next Thursday so we only did a couple bags as a test run, but did ALL off the clothespins and got them ready to go.  I did the packing of the food and both kids helped with the painting and decorating of the clothespins.  We took their “leftover” watercolors from school… I’m sure most households with elementary-aged kids have last year’s watercolors or a spare set somewhere.  I know we have more than we need because I like to keep 2 extra sets of almost everything on hand… little boys tend to be on the destructive side.  Anywhoo, we used their leftover watercolors to “dye” the clothespins.  It does stain a little bit so if colored fingers (or clothes) are an issue take precautions!  One trick I found to minimize finger-coloring is to paint the pinchy half of the clothespin first, and then clip it to something that can act as a handle.  We used spare paintbrushes because we had them handy.


Little A was surprisingly into it. I wasn’t expecting more than 5 or 6 out of him but he ended up doing about 12.


Big A stuck it out and did his share.   By the time he hit 20 he was over it but he wanted to personally make them for his friends.


When they were done painting, I dotted on the whites of the eyes with a toothpick and clipped them to the metal shelf we were sitting next to.  It held plenty of clips and was out of the way so I didn’t have to worry about anyone brushing up against them while they were drying.


The next day, once all the clips were dry, they helped me draw in the eyes with ultra-fine sharpies and match pipe cleaners with clothespins, and then we clipped them together.


I also made a couple extra clothespins and personalized them for the kids’ pet-related chores.  They don’t have very many things to do around the house so I didn’t have to make many of them.  I also had some extra command strips from the small hooks so cut them in half and stuck them to the back of each clothespin…


…and put them up around the house as reminders, like feeding the puppies and changing their water bowls.  I also quickly made some  tags.  For the food, one side says “breakfast” and the other says “dinner”, and for the water one side says “morning” and the other says “evening”.  It’s not much as far as chores… but this is one thing that they still need reminders to take care of and definitely one thing that they can’t forget to do!!!  And of course, they are in multiple languages.  I try to teach them things whenever I can, even if it’s just simple, everyday vocabulary.


Thanks to all my friends and followers for letting me post something like this and I hope you draw some inspiration from it as well.

And hey, Our Crafty Girls, here’s the application part of my post.

My name is Kelli, and I do mostly papercrafts with a little bit of painting and sewing and knitting thrown in the mix.  I also inherited all my grandmother’s crocheting yarns so I’m seriously debating learning how to do that too.  She crocheted beautiful lace doilies and they are cherished by everyone in the family, even though some are yellowing from use and age.  I would love to be able to make some to pass on.  J (my husband) would have a FIT.  haha.  I have 2 boys that craft with me, Big A is 9 and Little A is 5. Little A tends to lose interest more quickly so I’ve learned to tailor most of my kid-crafts to fit Big A’s interests.  He loves scrapbooking and cardmaking on HIS terms, drawing, painting, origami, creating comic books… as well as playing outside and screen time (tv, video games, etc).  He also loves watching anime, listening to K-pop (Korean pop music), Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, building legos and hanging out with his friends from school and sports.  We typically have one craft day every-other Thursday but put that on hold when life got too busy for me after returning to college to pursue a concurrent double major in History and Asian Studies.  Things have finally settled down, so we plan to start (every-other) Thursday Craft Night back up again, especially since we’re currently on spring break.  Thanks for the opportunity to do something fun like this!!

lovies =o) kel

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  • Thanks for submitting to Our Crafty Girls! We are so excited to get our new blog rolling and these projects are perfect. (I may just steal the pet chores one!!)


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