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I Did It!!

I have to brag here for a sec… I now can announce that in the past week, I have made 5 design teams, one of which is a guest DT spot. I am very much humbled by the recognition… I truly, honestly thought I was taking a shot in the dark.  For the past few weeks I have submitted my name to as many open DT calls as I could find provided they matched my style and hoped that at least one would say yes. One of my goals for 2013 was to make at least one DT and I get to cross that off my list in a really, really big way. I am still waiting to hear back from 3 more teams (I told you I threw my name into many different pots!) and will be done and settled by the beginning of April.

I am so glad I decided to dedicate time to ME and building up my name instead of dedicating time to somewhere I didn’t feel appreciated and building up my spending $$ stash. It’s a big trade off but it’s definitely worth it.
When I first started blogging, I tried to blog like everyone else, do the same things that ‘successful’ bloggers did, and none of it stuck because none of it was really me. Some of those things are things I want to revive but in time.  I finally feel like I found my groove and have revamped my blog to look the way I envisioned it when I first started blogging. (thank you reid!) All teams are linked on the right but only two teams have made the announcement, a DT spot at Stamp ‘n’ Doodle and my Guest DT spot at Kreative Stempelfreunde/Creative Stamp Friends. Click here to go directly to the Stamp ‘n’ Doodle announcement, and here for the Kreative announcement. I’m so grateful to people who recommended me to try it out, to all the teams (even those that said no) for giving me a chance, and especially to J and all 5 kids for giving me time and posing for pictures.
Tomorrow I’ll be back to post my first DT work for Stamp ‘n’ Doodle.  I’m keeping my posts sparse from now through Easter because the kids are on spring break this week and have only 2 days of school next week.  We’re off to take the dogs to the beach for the first time… we’ll see how that goes!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave some kind words =o) It's folks like you that make me love blogging!

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