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OLW 2021 + Goals

I know I posted yesterday with a card to share but I wanted to come back and update my 2021 goals since that’s how I usually start blogging the year!

My word for 2020 was simplify. Simplify things so that I could keep running full steam without burning out. Simplify my routines, purge the material things in my home and get rid of the clutter, and strip away all the things I was holding on to that didn’t necessarily maximize my potential to do what I really wanted to do… I really just needed to simplify my life.

2020 was such a huge mess for so many of us that I really had to sit back and focus on myself and my family first. And I’m so glad and grateful that I did. My dad’s day health program closed at the end of March because of COVID-19, the kids transitioned to distance/remote learning, hubs and I transitioned to distance learning and working from home for our University jobs… all between the start of spring break and the end. So much changed in such a short period of time.

My dad ended up getting sicker and less mobile over time, and by October he was in home hospice and he passed away at the beginning of December. I’m so grateful that we were home with him through it all, regardless of how hard it was for each of us some days. And I’m super grateful that I had stepped back from many of my commitments in 2019 so that it didn’t have to feel like I was letting people down by needing to step back and focus on family when I really needed to in 2020.

But through all of that I managed to complete my course requirements for my MA degree and got approved to move to candidacy this semester which means that I am working on research and writing for my thesis instead of reading and writing for other classes… it’s still a lot of work and requires a lot of focus but I can’t tell you how happy I am to ONLY have my own project and research to focus on this semester!! Hopefully I can finish up a solid draft by the end of summer and defend in the fall and then finish and graduate at the end of this year! Here’s to wishful thinking… woo-hoo!! lol.

Anywhoo… sorry for the long update but it’s been such a long time since I blogged! I’m definitely hoping to find regular time to be social in my crafting communities and am super looking forward to going crazy with the crafting and blogging and stuff again!!

So back to 2021… my word for this year is FIND.

This year it’ll be about making time for people and the good things and the important things.

Find time for what’s important.
Find time for who’s important.
Find time to get things done.
Find a way to make it all work.
Find my motivation to just keep pushing.
Find joy.
Find happiness.

But also, on a less philosophical and more practical level, continue to clean and purge so there’s more space than stuff and it’s easier to find things around the house.

And onto the goals… lots of it is the same as previous years, just adjusted for COVID.

Goals for 2021

Crafty Goals:

  • color 1-2 images a week. I am sorely out of practice and my coloring feels stagnant and this is somewhere I definitely need to grow!!
  • create and mail out cards to friends every month, especially on birthdays.
  • participate in Project Life (monthly). This means dedicating time to collecting & printing the pictures and stories that mean something each week so that I have them ready to go at the end of the month (or beginning of the next) when I sit down to put them together.
  • scrapbook a couple layouts a month. I really, really miss this. And my kids really, really love looking through their old albums.

Personal/Blog Challenges: (All challenges are combinable):

  • blog again.
  • and make videos again. It’s so much fun to do, and I hope people enjoy watching!!
  • participate in challenges regularly.

“What It’s Worth” Card Challenge – Make at least as many cards as a stamp/set is worth in dollars (rounding up to the next dollar).  Each individual card counts as $1.  So if I buy a stamp for $4, I need to make 4 different cards with it.  If I buy a stamp set for $20, I need to make 20 cards, trying as hard as I can to use each stamp in the set evenly.  I looked at the stamp sets I have and there are some that will make it hard to use every single stamp evenly… but I will try!  The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards.  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects.

Business Goals:

  • maintain retail store. Move to something more user-friendly.
  • figure out teaching papercrafting classes/workshops in a COVID world.
  • make a card kit and layout kit every month.

Home Goals:

  • clean and purge until there’s more storage than stuff – downsize craft stash, clean out boys room and my bedroom.
  • fix up garden, add to garden and grow things! Hubby wants to go in ground. Goal is to eventually become more-or-less completely sustainable for home and family.
  • between me and the hubs, cook 5x a week.
  • bake 1x a week.

Personal Goals:

  • work on my fitness!  Get in shape.  Be able to run with my kids.
  • lose 80 lbs.  I gained weight last year. ugh. But SERIOUSLY.  I think of it as 25-ish lbs per kid.  haha.

Financial Goals:

  • start saving up for next trip. Goal is to be able to take a trip every year, including traveling internationally every 2 years. Although it looks like traveling domestically is more expensive so we might have to switch it to being able to travel domestically every 2 years haha.
  • put more money towards the end goal.

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