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LeAnn’s World 101 New Release!

There’s a new release from LeAnn’s World 101 today. FIVE brand-spanking new digis got released and I was fortunate enough to get to color them all!! They are all super cute but my absolute favorite is saved for last… If you’ve seen my posting around on social media you’ve already seen which one it is but I’m going to pretend you haven’t yet seen them so here we go…

First up we have Diana and phew did she take some time to color!! Scenes usually do but I had trouble with her hair because the darkest color I used, YR27 was such a STICKY pen and I had to change colors to try and get the stickyness away.

This adorable pair is Bailey and Suszanna and I got to play with some blues in this one, including using B23 with my cool greys (C-family) to make his hair black with a blue tint to it.

This friendly waitress is Kelly and I just adore her bow and little apron!!

This pair is Young Love and I absolutely love her hair buns!! Once more with the blue-black hair!! This time I didn’t go over the blue so much to leave it more strikingly bright and beautiful!

Finally we get to my absolute favorite of the group, Phoebe! She is just too cute but I gotta say that the reason she’s my favorite is because of her mushroom seat!! I absolutely adore coloring spotted mushrooms red and brown… and I want more lol!!

I’ll have speed coloring videos up on my YouTube channel soon and list the colors used so make sure you subscribe to get those notifications. So excited!!

And make sure you stop by the LeAnn’s World 101 FB Group to see what else is going on! Thanks for stopping by!!

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