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Tech Deck Craze w/SnD

This week over at Stamp ‘n’ Doodle, it’s a BOY themed challenge week, which is perfect for me because I am surrounded by them!!

Little A has been on a Tech Deck/Beyblade craze recently… and that’s just what we need, for the kids to get into more things and accumulate more toys!! lol!  But I got tired of stepping on these stupid toys late at night, and we always have containers laying around somewhere so I thought I’d repurpose one for these toys.  And my boys have been a bit nippy with each other… I think they’ve been home together for too long and need a break from each other!

But anyway, they’ve been arguing over the smallest things… “he’s sitting on the same couch as me,” “I don’t want him to drink the same juice as me,” and most frequently, “that’s mine… and he just took it away from me”.

The typical conversation:
Big or Little A: “That’s mine… and he just took it away from me!”
Mommy: “Well were you using it?”
Big or Little A: “No.”
Mommy: “Were you going to use it for something?”
Big or Little A: “No.”
Mommy: “… … …”

So Mommy’s grand idea is that there will be names and labels on containers from now on.  That way the boys can’t argue about who has which container for which thing… And we’re starting small.  Just as needed.  So today it is a container for Tech Deck, and later a container for Beyblade.






Hope your kids aren’t driving you bonkers too (if they’re home for the summer)!  Come join us over at SnD!

lovies, =o) kel

I’m also entering this into the following challenge:
Nutcrafters – #47 Boys (2Ww)

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