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Starting our Disney 2013 Album

One of the blogging groups I’m in, the Chics w/Paper Power Tools & Stamps, is starting monthly challenges, yay! I hosted the first challenge, and am SOOO behind in participating in my own challenge!! So sorry to my blogging friends, but I finally caught up!! So here’s what I posted for July:

For July, let’s do a theme of VACATION. anything to do with vacation – travel, the beach, camping, girl’s day… whatever says VACATION to you.

And here’s what I ended up doing: *warning* – this is a picture heavy post!


It’s the beginnings of the Album I made for the Disneyland Trip we took in January 2013.  I used ONE paper line and a variety of page and photo protectors for this album BUT tried to keep it in chronological order so that was a CHALLENGE to figure out how to make everything fit.  There were a couple of rough spots but I’ll show you what I ended up doing further down.  I also added post extenders to these albums and jammed in as many protectors as I could… but with 7 days of pictures I ended up splitting the trip into (2) albums.

I started by making “dividers” for each day of the trip using 6×12 page protectors and featuring my favorite picture of the day.  Or my 2nd favorite if it wasn’t the right orientation.  I will probably add tabs on the top of the dividers but that is the last thing I plan to do. Here is day 1…
20130813-003456.jpgAnd days 2-7…


And on the back of each divider I added pictures and plan to add some journaling on the bottom.

There’s still so much more to be done but I got all the pictures in and just need to add a couple actual scrapped pages, journaling and finish off some pockets. There are some that need pictures/memorabilia trimmed to fit in the pockets like this table card from our character breakfast…

…as well as pictures that need some paper backing to fill the pocket… Another picture that needs trimming on the top and on the bottom, I had (2) portrait 4″x6″ slots but only (1) landscape picture so I decided to stick the whole thing in there and make it into a 8″x6″ pocket…
We’ve also got a handful of memorabilia – this is a map of the Wilderness trail that I saved, so I stuck it (and a few pictures from the trail) in another 6″x12″ protector and will get back to it soon.

Oh and I also wanted to share my cards… In the mail one day before Cars Land opened, I got this tri-fold brochure advertising it.  I thought that it would be good to scrap something about Cars, so I saved it.  I added a bit to each end as well as the top and bottom, cut it into 4″x6″ pieces and it fit into the album perfectly.  In the 2nd picture, you can see the disclaimer wording at the bottom of the card, below Luigi and Guido.  It didn’t bother me that it was there.  I’m just glad it worked.  There’s also a Mater card in the album… I was fortunate to be able to use all (3) parts of the brochure!!


I also tried to leave a bunch of empty pockets for journaling.  On this spread in particular, I left space for each kid to write about making their remote-control car at Ridemakerz.

I think that about does it for me today… the kids LOVE looking at the pictures and reliving the trip, so I made sure to include TONS more pictures in the album.  I know a lot of people pare down their printed pictures to just their favorites but I have soooo many favorites… maybe as I continue to scrap and work on our older Disney trip albums I can figure out a better system and pare down the pictures if it feels right.

I’ve still got a lot more work to do before I can call this album done, but I’m almost there.  All I can say is for this challenge, better late than never, right?? haha.


lovies, =o) kel


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