Feb ’23 2×5 Final Progress Post

Final progress post: cards, tags, pocket cards. If you’re wondering what the challenge is, here’s the intro post for this month, here’s progress post #1 (2-pg layouts), and here’s progress post #2 (1-pg layouts).

The cards:

The tags:

The pocket cards:

I was so scared of not having enough supplies with just a paper pack + sticker sheet + ephemera pack but I have tons of paper + scraps left to play with and didn’t use as much cardstock as I thought I would. Will provide an actual count next time!

Time consuming? Yes. But not nearly as bad as I thought. The hardest part is getting the pictures for the layouts and figuring those out. Definitely excited to do more of this challenge though!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I can knock out another 2×5 challenge again soon!

lovies, =o) kel

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