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Best Witches! w/HH

This week over at Handmade Harbour, the challenge is Halloween.  I got to play with this image, #210 –  Young Witch with Spelling Book.  Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year and I absolutely adore this little witch!!


We’re doing a major reorganization and purge of the craft room and heading into week #2 of this ‘project’ – can I just say how tired I am of dealing with it?  haha.  It feels good to let things go though!!  I wish I had taken pictures of the before, especially the closet.  It was a closet full of stacks of boxes and bins, much like you would imagine a storage shed to be… so nothing was accessible and everything was a mess.  Even though less stuff fits in the closet now, everything is accessible and I LOVE IT!!!!!!  Now to deal with the rest of the room… where’s my magic wand?!? lol!

lovies, =o) kel

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