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For Princess K

My youngest niece is 10 months younger than Little A and is the closest thing I have to a daughter because of how often we ‘hang out’ aka she tags along because she loves Little A and hanging out with ME!  haha.  So I decided to make her a nameplate – Big A has his own and she loves his, so I thought she should get her own when she comes over!  Poor Little A though, I still haven’t made one for him!!!


This adorabs image is from the ChiChi Memories monthly challenge.  LOVE it.  So girly and unlike me!!!  Thanks CCM!!  Looking forward to taking a winter break and seeing what’s new next year!!

ETA: whoops.  Too late.  It’s still the 12th for me in Hawaii and I didn’t take into account the time difference… but I left it in the comments.  Sorry CCM!!!

lovies, =o) kel

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