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Beach Day!

Today’s layout (yay for another layout!) comes to us from a PageMaps sketch from August 2012.  I always have issues with white space but this time I think I did okay.

I used paper + stickers from Echo Park’s Splash collection.  I got this in an older kit (2011-ish maybe?) and wish I had known about this company then so I could pick up more of their super cute stuff. This is the dogs’ first beach day – we had them for about 2 months before we could do this.  Peace, being a stray, had to finish up getting her shots so she could be social.  She was taken in off the streets at around 4 months of age so imagine myself or my husband carrying this 30-something-pound puppy around the vet’s office because she wasn’t supposed to touch the floor.  haha.

beach dogsPP & stickers by Echo Park, CS by American Crafts, misc. buttons from kit

Picture isn’t awesome… I’ve definitely got shooting cards down in the light box but layouts?  That’s a totally different story and one I’m definitely working on.  Thanks for stopping by today!!  I’m definitely sick so will be trying to lay low for a while but we’ll see how long that lasts!  The tylenol tends to kick in and then I do stuff until I feel sick again and by the end of the day I’m just DONE.  Sometimes it’s not good being such a busybody!!  Wish me well so I get better soon!!!

lovies, =o) kel

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