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2016 Goals

My One Little Word for 2015 was GO… and I did.  In fact, I think I went a little too hard and exhausted myself at the end of the year – I wouldn’t call it a burnout, because it’s not quite that bad.  I’m just tired.  Not burntout.  So reflecting on that and how my 2015 went, I sat down and tried to figure out my OLW for 2016.  And you know what, I wanted it to be something FUN because I think that’s what I want to be next year.

My One Little Word for 2016 is PASSION, and it’s really best summed up in a single, simple sentence.

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I’ve been doing a lot of things but now that I’m back in school I need to be more realistic about my ability to get things done in realistic time constraints without going insane.  And that means I need to pare down my commitments and responsibilities to things I really want to do… things that I’m PASSIONATE about.  And I need to make sure that I’m able to continue to do things that I love with the same amount of passion… I get bored easily and need variety in my life!!

Now onto my goals… it’s pretty much a pared down version of last year’s list.

Crafty Goals:
–  0/250 cards
–  Participate in Project Life – try to do a couple layouts a month.
–  Print pictures monthly.

Personal/Blog Challenges: (All three challenges are combinable)

100 cards for 100×100 challenge
–  do it from February 14th-May 23rd, and if the first one is successful, then again July 25th – Oct 31st

My rules for the 100×100:
–  I will not buy anything to make these cards.  Don’t get me wrong, I will buy stuff, but nothing specifically to make a card for this challenge.
–  I will try to post one card every day.
–  ONLY new, individual cards count towards goal, DT cards included. When I say “new, individual,” I mean duplicates don’t count.

“What It’s Worth” Card Challenge – Make at least as many cards as a stamp/set is worth in dollars (rounding up to the next dollar).  Each individual card counts as $1.  So if I buy a stamp for $4, I need to make 4 different cards with it.  If I buy a stamp set for $20, I need to make 20 cards, trying as hard as I can to use each stamp in the set evenly.  I looked at the stamp sets I have and there are some that will make it hard to use every single stamp evenly… but I will try!  The rule: No buying stuff to make these cards.  I have to use what’s already in my stash or leftovers from other projects.

“WERK IT” Card Challenge – Make the most out of sheets of coordinating paper and 6×6 paper pads using OSW tutorials and Paper Pad tutorials (like on OWH), and post progress every month.  Try to do one a month.

Business Goals:
–  maintain Etsy store
–  launch and maintain retail store
–  participate in craft fairs regularly
–  continue teaching papercrafting classes and up enrollment
–  be able to take over one monthly bill using business money

Home Goals:
–  clean and purge until there’s more storage than stuff – downsize craft stash, clean out boys room and my bedroom.
–  fix back garden wall, restart garden and grow things!
–  cook 5x a week
–  bake 1x a week
–  bake bread 2x a month

Personal Goals:
–  work on my fitness!  Get in shape.  Be able to run with my kids.
–  lose almost 60 lbs.  SERIOUSLY.  I think of it as 20 lbs per kid.  haha.
–  spend time with friends/extended family at least 1x a month.

Financial Goals:
–  continue to put money aside every month according to budget plan
–  start saving up for snow trip
–  start saving up for renovation

lovies, =o) kel

1 comment to 2016 Goals

  • I swore to myself that I wouldn’t make goals since I rarely keep up with them….I have one card project in mind but after reading your list, I want to do MORE! LOL!

    Good luck with everything and Happy New Year!!

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