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Just a Little Note w/Eyelet Outlet


Hi Friends! I’m on the Eyelet Outlet blog today to share another fun project with you!!

Today’s project is a super sweet one featuring the Mail Brads in the Eyelet Outlet store. This set has both envelopes and mailboxes in it and the envelopes have this vintage, browned-edged look. Seriously having a brain-fart and don’t know what else to call the coloring on the envelopes haha!!

I laid out the envelopes across my card like a banner, and then tucked some baker’s twine in behind it to make it look like they were strung out… well… like a banner. lol! I then added some simple bows to each end of the envelope banner and added a simple sentiment to the card and ta-dah!

((On a side note, I think it’s so interesting that this card photo’d as two different colors depending on how the light hit it!))

Thanks for stopping by today and see you again soon!!

lovies, =o) kel

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