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Monthly Planner Share – March

Hey friends! I totally meant to do this yesterday but a migrane kept me off the computer and sent me to bed really early. I was in bed by 1030! That’s AMAZING for me!! But I’m really getting into planning and while I don’t decorate heavily like some people do (and do well, I might add!) I wanted to share my setup and what works for me.

So these are the three things I use regularly and take with me from desk to bedroom. 2 planners and a pen case. The big yellow one is my A5 Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner in marigold using the Say Cheese III inserts/set. It’s a Disney-inspired set and I absolutely love it! The gold-spiral one is a $5-ish dollar planner I picked up at TJ Maxx because I saw it when I was standing in line to pay and convinced myself I needed to get it. I didn’t know what I wanted to use it for when I got it but it was something I just COULDN’T leave without. And I can usually convince myself that I don’t really need things if I have no planned use for it. But for whatever reason, I just couldn’t convince myself of it that time!! On the top is my pen case. Target was clearing out all their makeup cases around the end of January and I picked this one up. It’s actually the smaller bag inside a bigger case but it works perfectly for my pens!

So let’s look inside my yellow planner first. It’s my life & family planner… meaning whatever goes on in my life or in my family’s life is in here. My monthly is purely for appointments and work schedules and the kids’ school and extracurricular activities. I also stamped in “post” reminders for Design Team blog posts that I have due. It’s just a visual reminder that I need to double-check my computer to make sure my posts didn’t hit any snags. It’s really a monthly calendar with a running to-do list on the inside and helps to keep them together. I used to keep a separate daily to-do list but got tired of adding another book to this pile of. Post stamp by Pink & Main.

I also use stamps to mark down any events that I vend at or crops that I attend since those typically take up my whole day. Circles by Ink Road, and Letters from Elle’s Studio.

My weekly before the pen – I use number stamps or number stickers (depends on what I have available) to date my days. I also hand-draw a line on the left side to make a small column specifically for household chores. You can see I’ve added some stickers to it.

This is a previous weekly after the pen and actually after the week is over. The first column is for household chores. The second column is my to-do list. I try not to list appointments that have been listed in my monthly spread. But I do write in appointments and meetings if they come up last-minute. The column on the right I’ve started to use stamps for. The last line is for dinner plans. Above that is for errands I need to run that take us outside of the house. I’ve started to use a roller stamp that says “tasks tasks tasks” for this (instead of “errands”) but I think I like “errands” better, so will probably go back to writing it in by hand once I run out of stamped pages.

The spiral-bound planner is specifically for crafting. It includes my crafting to-do list which also includes my Design Team calendar, blog posting calendar, and business/class calendar.

The beginning of each month opens to this at-a-glance page. Mine is blank because the month just started and I haven’t really filled it out yet!

I use the monthly spread specifically for blog posts. It tells me what I have to post for which team and at what time. I try to designate one color per team so that I know instantly what team I’m looking at.

The weekly pages include two columns. The one on the left (no lines) is for posting. Blog, Facebook, Instagram. The scheduling app I use posts to both Instagram and Pinterest at the same time so as long as I remember to schedule Instagram, Pinterest is taken care of for me! The column on the right side (with lines) I use as my crafting to-do list. Mostly I run off of my monthly calendar, doing what’s due next, but I usually have to remember to schedule in video filming and editing since it’s not yet a habit for me.

The end of the month has this notes page.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but wanted to incorporate a tracker back into my life, so decided to make it my tracker page. I flipped it on its side and added some extra lines, but think I made it work! Again, I could have used my dot-grid journal for this, but didn’t want to carry around another book. Top section lists crafty goals, bottom lists life/personal goals. Middle section just spells out what the goals are.

Now the important thing, my pen case. I can fit so much in here without it bulging or looking ridiculously stuffed. The zipper even closes nicely!

I dumped everything out on my workspace. Paper pad + frixion pens in 2 different sizes, pencil + eraser, white-out + 2 non-erasable pens and 2 highlighters.

These are the .5 frixion pens I got from Tokyo Disneyland. Really, I forgot that the refills I have at home are .7 and thought that I could just refill the pens with what I already have. whoops. There were 2 different sets that I found, Toy Story and Minnie Mouse. And with the exception of red, they both have different colors. So of course I needed them both!

These are the .38 pens. I got most of them locally or online. A handful (brown, yellow, magenta, light purple) I got in Japan.

I think that about does it for me today! I’ll be back at the end of the month to show my April planner set-up, plus to update anything that’s changed for me! Thanks for stopping by!

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