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Project Life: The Plan + 2018 Week 8

A few days ago I posted a picture of albums and my brand-spanking new Epson PM400. Here it is again… I’m sooo in love with it!!

I don’t have a dedicated space for it, so it just sits in the corner of my workspace until I can figure out a better place for it. But for now, it works because I only really pull it out every weekend to print pictures.

This is such a game changer for me though! I can edit and print from my phone and get pictures straight into their albums! I still plan to do bulk printing at other places… I’m finishing editing our Japan pictures and sending them to Walgreens because there’s going to be 300-ish of them! No way I can or want to print that many at home!!

But going back to the albums and the plan… I’ve switched over to project life style scrapbooking for the most part. I still plan to scrap layouts every once in a while but it’ll be more special events and occasions and all-in-all special pictures. For the rest, I’m going to keep a 12×12 family album that I plan to do weekly. Each kid will also get their own 6×8 album. It’ll be done weekly-ish… it really all depends on what pictures I have for them that week.

And I’m proud to say that I’ve completed a week in our 2018 albums!! Haha. Plan is to stay current and also work backwards when I can. Eventually I’ll get caught up!! Not sure if I’ll do individual kid albums for previous years, but I’ll at least work on our family album.

So this is 2018 week 8. I still need to put the dates/week on my title card but other than that I’m pretty much done! Cards and stickers and embellishments from Ali Edwards Story kits and Studio Calico Documenter kits.

Nothing special… learning how to embellish and more focused on just making this routine than anything!!

And the kids’ albums, starting with Big A’s. I only really put in pictures that contain them. And I have at least one journaling card in here where I ask them to write a couple sentences about the pictures. They’re not the wordiest or most descriptive, so I’m debating on going in and adding a sentence of my own to give context.

Here’s Little A’s. He hid in the room when his cousins came over so I don’t have pictures of him. So he only has one page in here. And I’m okay with that!

And Baby Z’s. He typically has the most pictures in any week because he’s the most willing to take pictures. I don’t think I’ve blinded him enough. Same with him too, I ask him to “write” about the pictures. It usually ends up as scribble-scrabble so I try to add in a little note defining what he’s drawn.

For all albums I need to add in dates. But other than that, I’m done! And proud of myself!!

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon!

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