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My name is Kelli.
Nice to meet you!
제 이름은 켈리 입니다.

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Family Fun w/SID

Today’s my reveal day as part of the Double Page Layout team over at Stick it Down!

The sketch we got to play with this month is

And here’s my take on it:

These pictures are from 2009… I think!! haha. The high school I went to throws […]

Meet Baby Z

This is Baby Z.

His actual name is Alezender, pronounced like the normal Alexander without as hard of a X/K sound (like “alezander”). But we like to call him Zen for short. His name? It came to me in a dream before he was even a possibility.

He was born on Tuesday, September 30th at […]

Scrap It Thursday

This week’s edition of Scrap It Thursday features my aunty’s dog. I’m BIG into rescues and we convinced my aunty to adopt a dog from the Hawaiian Humane Society this past October. In fact, now that my own puppies have been with us for a year and are at the end of their puppy age […]

Happy Halloween!

…from my family to yours!!

lovies, =o) kel

Starting our Disney 2013 Album

One of the blogging groups I’m in, the Chics w/Paper Power Tools & Stamps, is starting monthly challenges, yay! I hosted the first challenge, and am SOOO behind in participating in my own challenge!! So sorry to my blogging friends, but I finally caught up!! So here’s what I posted for July:

For July, let’s […]


I surprised myself too!!

I totally haven’t done this in a loooooong time… I made 3 pages last month but none of them were blog-worthy IMHO. I just wanted to get something done and ended up with pages of nothing.

Just 2 simple pages today… I used my 2011 Pagemaps calendar, June and November’s sketches […]

Welcome to the Family

It started with a vet appointment…

While we were waiting for the vet to write up a estimate for her dental cleaning, I browsed FB on my phone and came across this post…

After showing J, I called my mom to tell her we were going to check it out. Surprise surprise (completely, unexpectedly […]

love you THIS much

Nothing much to say today…

in a completely unexpected turn of events, after 14+ years we said goodbye to our Princess, who always thought of herself as a puppy and tried to crawl into our laps, even when she was a round 80 lbs… so this card is dedicated to her. I didn’t actually […]