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Luggage Tags Tutorial

here’s the tags i made for the kids school bags, lunch bags, sport bags, and water bottles this year.

1) take tags or images from toys, clothes, product packaging, anything that has their favorite character on it.

2) rub one corner of the tag between your fingers, or use your nail to try and […]


We spent the afternoon at the tidepools next to Makapu`u… I don’t know what the place is actually called so if anyone does, please let me know in the comments!!

The kids got to explore for fish… Albert caught a small goby, which I didn’t get to catch on film… but I got […]

Party Time!

Amare got to spend the day playing slip-n-slide with his cousins and a couple friends…

the kids got to bounce their troubles away…

and they all wanted to blow bubbles…

and we ended the day with some awesome presents from awesome friends and family.

It was a smaller party […]

Happy Birthday Amare!

We got to drop off lunch for your class today. I’m sorry we couldn’t do more, but I hope you had a good day, son. Love you more than you’ll ever know.

love, Mom

Disney Autograph Books

I just realized that I never got around to sharing the autograph books I made for the kids. I wanted something big enough that the characters could hold, but not so big that it was a pain to lug around. I also wanted enough pages that the kids could draw pictures in it when they […]

Kung Hee Fat Choy!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wear red, eat good food and get a fresh start on your year (for those of you whose January’s weren’t up to par!).

lovies, =o) kel

((part 2)) last weekend…

… we spent hours prepping and setting up her reception tent. after we spent a couple hours getting her favors done we carpooled to the site and spent another 3-ish hours getting the tables/tent set up.

and then i watched my cousin/best friend get married.


((part 1)) last weekend…

… we drove to the north shore/kahuku via la`ie for a fun weekend vacay. this is Chinaman’s Hat. and some fishermen.

we drove for about 45 minutes past shoreline like these:

when we checked into our villa, […]

rain, rain, go away…

but in the mean time, thanks for the beautiful lighting and for giving me 10-minute periods of no rain to run the kiddos outside and take some shots. and most importantly, thanks for letting me play with my dream of going pro. =o)

lovies, =o) kel


zoo day

sorry i haven’t been around much but i wanted to share some pictures from our day at the zoo on wednesday. BIL invited us to join him and his 2 kiddos and of course, my 2 kiddos couldn’t resist it because A) it’s the zoo, and B) it’s time with cousins. 3 weeks of pneumonia […]