My name is Kelli but online I go by kel – no one misspells my name or calls me “keli`i” this way. lol. I’m a happily married mama of 3 boys in beautiful Hawai`i, trying to finish my MA degree while working in both the education and travel industries. I am a total busybody and have struggled with major depression in the past and found that the more I let my hands sit idle and let my mind run, the harder my daily struggle is. Hence the multiple jobs and continuing education on top of all the crafty-ness. Ultimately, I create to make myself happy and quiet my mind. 

Scraps & photoGRAFFS is my way of sharing handmade kindness with the world. We make friends; play with pictures, papers, and pens; and spread the love of scrapbooking and cardmaking with anyone who’s interested in joining us!