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love you THIS much

Nothing much to say today…


in a completely unexpected turn of events, after 14+ years we said goodbye to our Princess, who always thought of herself as a puppy and tried to crawl into our laps, even when she was a round 80 lbs… so this card is dedicated to her.  I didn’t actually plan this, I had my post scheduled for 5am but came back to edit it at noon because it just seemed to fit the day.

… day 7 brings us another kit using sketch SC343.


checking out for a couple days.

lovies, =o) kel

7 comments to love you THIS much

  • Jeanette

    Kel, I am so sorry! In this dark day when your hearts are breaking, I hope it helps to know that you have friends who care. Hugs!!!

    Your card is lovely and expresses so beautifully your love for Princess.

  • Kel, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Those furry members of our families have a way of wrapping their tails around us and give us so much love! You and your family are my prayers.

  • beautiful card….and so befitting for your furry baby Princess…I understand totally what you are going through…still missing my 4paws pal even after 15 yrs! Our pets are giving us sooo much!! Keeping you in my prayers ♥

  • Pansy

    Oh dear….that hurts… on FB there was shared a story about a family losing a family pet…they had their 6 year old son present when the pet was put down. Afterwards they were discussing pets and how they don’t live as long as humans and the 6 year old said…I know why—-people are born to learn how to be good and treat everyone great—dogs already know that so they don’t stay as long…… I admit,,,,I cried when I read it and I am tearing up thinking of your family right now. Hugs.

  • .Mochessa

    Keeping your family in thought and prayer. Hold tight onto your precious memories, for they will lighten your heart during this time of sadness. Take care, and may God walk with you through the sands of time until you share that unconditional love once again. Blowing blessings your way….

  • Lela

    Kel, so sorry to hear about your dog, our pets are special family members. {{Hugs}} thinking of you, Lela

  • Karla Capo

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, sniff sniff, Hugs to you and your family!!!! May the memories of love your Princess gave you and your family help you in the days ahead.

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